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What does the delta program involve?

Three-Year Curriculum


DELTA has a defined curriculum designed to train high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in Christ-centered leadership.
First-year students should be entering their sophomore year in the upcoming high school year (second-year students, their junior
year; third-year students, their senior year). Students should meet with their program leaders at least monthly to work through
assignments from a series of workbooks developed specially for DELTA by Dr. Paul G. Leavenworth:

First-year workbook - “Discipleship”

Disciple Cover.jpg

Second-year workbook - “Leadership”

Leader Cover.jpg

Third-year workbook - “Life Planning"

Life Cover.jpg

Annual DELTA Academy Week

This is an annual one-week gathering at a specified camp facility in Central Iowa each June, produced and sponsored by DELTA. Participants room together for the week and are immersed in further leadership training. For three hours each morning, participants
learn in classroom settings taught by local leadership experts. Each afternoon, participants practice their skills by serving in various
area mission fields. Evenings are a time of review and reflection.


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Leaders make things possible.

Exceptional leaders make them inevitable.

— Lance Morrow

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